SNR. Script Editor

Is there a formula for the perfect viral video script? We’re hiring a script editor who
knows the recipe.

You are obsessed with the first 3 seconds of a video story. You’re a bit of a click-bait pro
but with the best intentions to make stories that really matter relevant to young
audiences on digital platforms. You know how to keep them watching by building
suspense throughout your narrative. And at the end, you know how to summarize the
learnings, providing a take-home message so that people know why they’re sharing that
story with their friends.

You’re working with citizens who have the most inspirational stories about changing the
world, but they often don’t know how to tell their stories. Sometimes you’re working with
a pre-script to inform the interview process.

You’ll oversee between 30-40 scripts a week and need to be comfortable with working
under tight deadlines. While we care about making sure that the video reaches as many
people as possible by working on an amazing script together, our first priority is factual
accuracy, verification and ethical decision-making.

We’re a startup growing really fast and doing some absolutely brilliant journalism and
factual storytelling. If you’re tired of trying to fix old media companies, come build a new
one with us!


SEEN helps people tell their stories. Publishing 1,000+ videos a year, to 6M+
subscribers, across 10 Snapchat shows.

Stories are captured by citizens and rigorously verified by 100+ editorial staff across 4
continents. We publish videos fighting climate change, apartheid and hate. Promoting
equality, love and freedom for all.

Augmented Reality is at the heart of Seen’s innovative journalism. Firstly, AR tools
guide & remotely direct citizens through the storytelling process. Secondly, Seen uses
AR to overlay stories onto the physical world. For example, through your mobile
camera witness colonial statues come to life in South Africa.

It’s all about seeing other people’s perspectives and creating a more empathic world.
Today on mobile phones and tomorrow through AR smart glasses. As the world’s most
immersive, inclusive and international media company.

We are SEEN, are you?

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