We help people be SEEN

We publish 1,000+ videos a year, across 12 social media channels. We’re big on Snapchat, with 6M+ subscribers. But we’re everywhere!  

Our camera apps guide citizens through the storytelling process, supported by our team of over 100 staff across 4 continents. 

Our mission is to create a more empathetic and understanding world. We do this by helping people see the world through the perspective of others, literally! Here’s how…

You know those camera filters on Instagram and Snapchat? That’s augmented reality (AR). We use that tech to do really innovative journalism. Like bringing racist colonial statues to life through your mobile camera. Stories are overlaid onto the physical world and SEEN through your mobile devices.   

Now, imagine wearing a pair of AR glasses and seeing stories right in front of you! We’re already doing it! By 2030, everyone will be wearing AR glasses. SEEN will be the world’s most immersive and inclusive international media company. 

Our journalism is rigorously verified, fact-checked and legit. But we’re not afraid to take a stand. Fighting climate change, apartheid and hate. Promoting equality, love and freedom for all. 

We are SEEN, are you?


Fully Remote and Full-Time.

As Sub-Editor, the most important skill for this role is solid journalism.  You need to fact-check and make difficult editorial decisions daily. How do we talk to a teenager about suicide? How can we cover menstruation and other important topics within community guidelines? You’ll be responsible for managing scripts, but also be the final eyes on everything we publish.


  • You’ll work closely with the production team, and report to the Content team.
  • You need a strong editorial sense for short-form storytelling on Snapchat Discover, Instagram Reels, TikTok and Facebook feed videos.
  • You’ll assist with daily diary meetings, weekly programming, and monthly brainstorming of new shows. 


  • These responsibilities require a strong understanding of the brand and its tone and style. We’re all about empathy, understanding, inclusivity and solutions.
  • You need strong communication skills to cultivate relationships with teams in England, South Africa, India, Australia and more.
  • Required to have a minimum of six years experience
  • You have sufficient hardware and stable internet connection


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