We’re looking for visual storytellers who can consistently produce & publish viral videos
about things that matter.

This is a journalism role, but you don’t need to be a qualified journalist if this is
something you’re passionate about! You’ll help publish human-interest stories in a
factually accurate and ethical way.

Great video stories start with great ideas.

Firstly, you’ll pitch 3-5 story ideas a day based on human experiences that you discover
on Tiktok or elsewhere (yes, you get paid to scroll on Tiktok all day!), stories about
people who have experienced injustice and are dealing with it in the most innovative

We’ve got 10 shows covering everything from mental health to entrepreneurship.

Next, you’ll need to either remotely conduct an interview via Zoom or guide the citizen
through the storytelling process using some of the innovative tools that we’ve built.

Finally, you’ll work with our awesome video editors and graphic designers to create a
really special story. Fact-checking and verification are key here.

Then, we publish your story to be viewed by millions of people around the world and
use the analytics to learn how we can improve the next one.

This role offers the broadest creative mandate to drive innovation in news. You’ll initially
be focused on reaching 13-24 year old Americans on Snapchat, which is our primary
publishing platform, but there’s a huge opportunity for growth. We’re doing some really
interesting work on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We’re also exploring
longer-form content on streaming platforms.

But first, we want to see your ability to create amazing Snapchat stories 😉

We’re a startup growing really fast and doing some absolutely brilliant journalism and
factual storytelling. If you’re tired of trying to fix old media companies, come build a new
one with us!


SEEN helps people tell their stories. Publishing 1,000+ videos a year, to 6M+
subscribers, across 10 Snapchat shows.

Stories are captured by citizens and rigorously verified by 100+ editorial staff across 4
continents. We publish videos fighting climate change, apartheid and hate. Promoting
equality, love and freedom for all.

Augmented Reality is at the heart of Seen’s innovative journalism. Firstly, AR tools
guide & remotely direct citizens through the storytelling process. Secondly, Seen uses
AR to overlay stories onto the physical world. For example, through your mobile
camera witness colonial statues come to life in South Africa.

It’s all about seeing other people’s perspectives and creating a more empathic world.
Today on mobile phones and tomorrow through AR smart glasses. As the world’s most
immersive, inclusive and international media company.

We are SEEN, are you?

Email your CV or just say Hi!