We help people be SEEN

We publish 1,000+ videos a year, across 12 social media channels. We’re big on Snapchat, with 6M+ subscribers. But we’re everywhere!  

Our camera apps guide citizens through the storytelling process, supported by our team of over 100 staff across 4 continents. 

Our mission is to create a more empathetic and understanding world. We do this by helping people see the world through the perspective of others, literally! Here’s how…

You know those camera filters on Instagram and Snapchat? That’s augmented reality (AR). We use that tech to do really innovative journalism. Like bringing racist colonial statues to life through your mobile camera. Stories are overlaid onto the physical world and SEEN through your mobile devices.   

Now, imagine wearing a pair of AR glasses and seeing stories right in front of you! We’re already doing it! By 2030, everyone will be wearing AR glasses. SEEN will be the world’s most immersive and inclusive international media company. 

Our journalism is rigorously verified, fact-checked and legit. But we’re not afraid to take a stand. Fighting climate change, apartheid and hate. Promoting equality, love and freedom for all. 

We are SEEN, are you?


Fully Remote and Full-Time.

– You have the creative drive to mandate innovation in news-building audiences across SEEN platforms.

You are able to create dynamic motion graphics and illustrations to tight deadlines in a journalism  environment. You are amazing at creating, editing and innovating new ways to package and present user-generated content and stories into daily shows across SEEN social media platforms. You have a strong genuine interest and appreciation for storytelling.


– Working with both content and community teams to develop new immersive developments on relevant platforms

– Must be highly skilled in all aspects of 2D Animation and Illustration and are competent in the Adobe Suite. Able to work well with the Art Director and Graphics Team including animators and illustrators. 

– Any knowledge of augmented reality or 3D would be beneficial.

– Requires strong technical knowledge along with a highly creative sensibility

– A genuine interest and appreciation for storytelling.

– Ability to manage priorities under pressure.

– Attention to detail and consistency in deliverables.

– Highly organized and process-driven.

– Have sufficient hardware and stable internet connection

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