We help people be SEEN

We publish 1,000+ videos a year, across 12 social media channels. We’re big on Snapchat, with 6M+ subscribers. But we’re everywhere!  

Our camera apps guide citizens through the storytelling process, supported by our team of over 100 staff across 4 continents. 

Our mission is to create a more empathetic and understanding world. We do this by helping people see the world through the perspective of others, literally! Here’s how…

You know those camera filters on Instagram and Snapchat? That’s augmented reality (AR). We use that tech to do really innovative journalism. Like bringing racist colonial statues to life through your mobile camera. Stories are overlaid onto the physical world and SEEN through your mobile devices.   

Now, imagine wearing a pair of AR glasses and seeing stories right in front of you! We’re already doing it! By 2030, everyone will be wearing AR glasses. SEEN will be the world’s most immersive and inclusive international media company. 

Our journalism is rigorously verified, fact-checked and legit. But we’re not afraid to take a stand. Fighting climate change, apartheid and hate. Promoting equality, love and freedom for all. 

We are SEEN, are you?


Fully Remote and Full-Time.


You will be working closely with the Tile Maker, together you build tiles, thumbnails, headlines and shared text.


  • You understand the core of a story in the blink of an eye, you then turn that into the snappiest  headline. You know how to grab the attention of an aimless browser online.
  • You’ll also write the snappiest social media share text to get us those clicks!
  • You’ll include the most relevant tags to get the story out there and widely shared,
  • You’ll be responsible for headlines across platforms and snapchat channels, and know what works for the different target audiences
  • You have a good eye for detail and an in-depth understanding of what works visually
  • You are required to have reliable hardware and a secure internet service provider at all times to meet team targets
  • You are required to communicate well and coordinate with your fellow team and the broader team as well as any external individuals when and if need be.
  • You are required to complete monthly OKRs with your team lead
  • You are responsible to update ClickUp regularly
  • You uphold the company reputation and values at all times


  • 2 – 3 years writing and/or copy-editing experience 
  • Writing experience for a visual medium preferred
  • Journalism or Film and TV/media studies degree, or similar tertiary-level qualification (preferred)
  • A portfolio of work that reflects your skill as a writer and copy editor
  • An understanding of current political issues and global trends

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SEEN is committed to providing a happy, healthy place.